Moses Pt

12 paddlers launch from Moses Pt while another 8 launch from the beach at the end of Tatlow Rd. Most of the paddlers that launched from Moses Pt made use of their wheels to get from the road to the steps down to the beach.
We all met up at at Moses Pt. and made the crossing to Saltspring Island was shrouded in fog and barely visible. By the time we made the crossing the light rain that had been falling stopped but a light wind from the south started to build . We then followed the west shore line to Musgrave Landing which was going to be our lunch stop
The beach at Musgrave Landing is covered in sharp broken rock. After lunch Alan, along with Debbie's assistance, tested using a stirrup for re-enetry.
Our Trip back was into a south wind that was blowing up to about 15kts. With the ebbing tide there was a bit of chop. Fortunately by the time we arrived at Cape Keppel, where we would be making the 1.6nm crossing back to Moses Pt, the winds dropped so we had a smooth crossing across Satellite Channel.
Thanks to Luc for organizing a paddle to a place we don't get to very often.

Thursday, 22 August 2019