18 paddlers in 17 boats launched from Amherst in near perfect weather.  Alight breeze helped to keep the temperature comfortable
As we approached Arbutus Pt on Amherst .there were more people on the beach than we had ever seen before. This was not good news as four of our paddler were planning on camping. As soon as we launched they were of to see if there were any of the few camp pads left. They were able to locate three empty pads. Seems like many of the people were from boats anchored at Royal Bay.
Passing ferries can create a wake that build into large waves when they hit shore. We found this out the hard way a few years ago. Another paddler experienced this on this day and ended up going for a swim.
We left our four fellow paddlers to set up camp and headed back to Amherst. After the paddle some headed off to the Roost for a debrief. Another perfect day of paddling in paradise.

Thursday, 15 August 2019