Flemming Bay

One of the  hottest days of the  summer, The light winds on the water were appreciated.
The low tide at Flemming Bay was the lowest many of us had seen there before so there was a bit of a walk.
As the plan was to do the Victoria Waterway Loop wheels there a necessity. Those of us with had big hatches didn't have a problem storing our wheels, but for others it was a challenge. A few paddlers ended up lashing their wheels to the back deck of the boat
As we left Flemming Bay wee followed the shoreline as we headed to Portage Park in Esquimalt Harbour. On reaching Portage Park it was time to.get the wheels under the boats to do the portage to Portage Inlet. The portage is approx 1km along a good pathway that includes a walkway that goes over the Old Island Highway. This was the firs opportunity that most of us had an chance to use the new ramp way. A big improvement.
Lunch was at Craigflower Park. Alan took advantage of the warm water to try out using a stirrup as a reentry tool
We left our lunch stop in order to make sure that we made it under the Tillicum bridge before the start of the flood. The prediction was that the flood would start at 1:57pm. As usual that prediction was wrong. We were going under the bridge at 12:35pm against a mild flood.
We continued our paddle down the lower Gorge and under the Johnson Street bridge. Following the north shore we paddle under the structure at the mega marina. A few large boats were moored there. Going past the new sewage treatment plant the was some confusion as to were we could paddle. Even though there were bouys marking the work are around the dredge they got a little upset if anyone tried to paddle between the shoreline and the bouys. Better signage would be helpful.
Arriving back at Flemming Bay the tide had come in so there was less beach.
A great day. Thanks Dave.
Thursday, 29 August 2019