Weirs Beach

The paddle organizer planned for a launch from Taylor Road but I decided to launch from Weirs Beach.  From there I paddled to the Taylor Road launch and met the rest of the group.
As we paddle by William Head we kept well off shore so as to not upset the corrections officers.  We have had a few interactions with them in the past
Prior to the paddle we checked to make sure that the demolition area at Bentinck Island would mot be in use.  The were no published warnings and no red flags flying on the Island.  However, as we paddled through Eemdyk Passage the was one flag.  We were just landing at our lunch site at Whirl Bay there were 3 loud explosions.  Another explosion was heard  just as we were leaving.
The paddle back to Wiers was uneventful.  The low tide felt a lot of becach to carry the boat back to the parking area
Another great day on the water.

Friday, 26 April 2019