We launched from Amherst under cloudy skies and and smooth seas.  The plan was to island hop to our destination of Pt Fairfax on Morseby Is. 
When we reached Pt Fairfax the was another small group of paddlers already there.  With 19 paddlers in our group we probably looked like an invasion force.   The beach was big enough that we were able to land at one end with out crowding them. The skies cleared and the sun came just as we were landing.  A few of the paddlers from the other group tried out Don's Greenland paddle.
After lunch we paddled a short distance along the shoreline before crossing to Imrie Is and then to Coal Is where we again noodled along the coastline.  From there we headed back to our launch. 
Relive the paddle here.

Thursday, 30 May 2019