Telegraph Cove

From our launch site we paddled to Ten Mile Pt where we would make the Baynes Channel crossing.  With a 4.5 kt ebb we pointed our boats at the cardinal bouy VK located just north of Fulford Reef.  We grouped up at the north point of Chatham Island.  We planned on paddling into the lagoon but the low tide only allowed us to just get in a little way.  From there we continue on to Discovery Island.  On Griffin Island we stopped to investigate some large bags.  Thy were filled with what looked like ivy vines so we assume that some group is clearing the island of invasious species.  With the low tide we did't stop at our usual lunch stop at Rudlin Bay.  We paddled a bit further west looking for a less rocky beach.  After lunch we headed back to Telegraph Cove. 

Thursday, 23 May 2019