Bamfield Park

The original plan of paddling from Esquimalt Lagoon into Esquimalt Harbour was a victim of a strong winds forecast.  Instead we launched from Bamfield Park.
The Tillicum Bridge current was ebbing at 10kts at 10am so we headed up the Gorge to check it out. From a distance you could see that the water was really flowing under the bridge.. Everyone took the opportunity to play.
We then took advantage pf the current and headed towards Victoria Harbour. As soon as we passed under the Johnson Street bridge we ran into the wind.which was blowing SW somewhere between 15-20kts, We made our way along the shoreline towards Work Pt where we found a sheltered beach for our lunch stop. After lunch rather than crossing the mouth of the harbour we decided to paddle back to Bamfield Park following our original route.This was a long paddle distance wise but it was still a great day on the water.
Relive the paddle here.

Thursday, 20 June 2019