Becher Bay

We launch from Spirit Bay at a low tide of 1.5ft which was one of the lowest that many of us could remember.  Skies were overcast and the temperature was perfect for paddling.
We followed the shoreline in a clockwise direction to West Bedford Island.  From there we made the crossing to Alldridge Pt.  The wind did come up a bit as we made the crossing and there was a bit of swell.  From Alldridge Pt w followed the shore to Cabin Point.  With the low tide the landing site was very rocky and covered in slippery see weed. 
During our lunch Lynn was give a birthday card that was signed by all the paddlers. By the time we were ready to head back some of the boats were starting to float which made launching a bit easier. 
Again we followed the shore linen back to our launch site.  We weren't sure if there would be enough water to get around the north shore of Wolf Island but there was lots of water.  Just as we we finished loading the boats we start to feel the first drops of rain. 
Relive the paddle here.

Thursday, 06 June 2019