Telegraph Cove

The forecast of high SW-SE winds dictated where we would launch from.
19 paddlers met at Telegraph Cove.  The plan called for us to paddle to Ten Mile P{t and the turn back and head to Comorant Pt for lunch.  One  paddler was suffering with sciatic pain and felt that the total distance might be to much.  Instead he want to head straight to Comorant Pt.  Rather than have him paddle by himself I decided to keep him company.
We had a very enjoyable paddle to Comorant Pt, no wing but some rain.  We arrived at the lunch site about 30 minutes before the rest of the paddlers which gave me some extra time to walk along the shore and take a few pictures.
On our paddle back to the launch site the winds shifted to the SE and we blowing at about 10kts which created some nice swells as there tide was ebbing.
Coffee/defief was at Olive Olio's.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019