Becher Bay

The forecast of high winds led to a decision to keep us inside of Beecher Bay.
22 paddlers launched from Becher Bay and follow the shoreline in a clockwise direction.  As we paddle towards Symth Head we experience periods of light rain but the winds were fairly calm.
The original plan was to cross from Smyth Head to Crekye Pt. but the winds had still not appeared so it was decided to paddle to the Large Bedford Island tombolo.  While some paddlers play in the current going over the tombolo others paddled around the island.
We all met near South Bedford Island and start the crossing to Creyke Pt.  Just as we started the crossing the promised winds started to blow from the NW along with some rain.  The wind and rain lasted for most of the crossing.
Lunch was at a small gravel beach just on the north side of Creyke Pt.  Just before we got back on the water the sun came out and stayed out for the rest of the paddle  While we seemed to be fairly sheltered from the wind for the remainder of the paddles the upper level clouds were racing across the sky.
Most of the paddlers met at The Broken Paddle for a debrief.

Wednesday, 03 April 2019